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Award winning Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Leader 

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- He has a great use of language and paints pictures with words - a young man with a plan that's going places - Graham Torrington, BBC Radio Presenter


Charles is stranded in the wilderness. It’s -11° and his campervan is stuck in 4 foot of snow deep within an enormous arctic forest. The suns has just started to set and no one is coming to help him. Charles and his companion Bandit the ferret are in a dangerous position, but before he hatches a plan, the first thing he’s does is smile and say, “Isn't this place beautiful!”.

The award-winning fundraiser, speaker and adventurer Charles Hammerton has shared his passion for choosing inspired actions over settling for average results on over 100 + TV, Radio and live audience appearances. His life experience from homelessness to red carpet award evenings inspires all groups from college students to business professionals.


Whether it's his military experience, tragic early home-life, devastating mental health or intrepid adventure with his famous pet ferret, Bandit, Charles builds rapport with his listeners and challenges them to seek inspiration in all life's twists and turns.

- Charlie was friendly, open and willing to talk candidly about what had inspired him to undertake the challenge - a story that still brings a smile to my face" - Hannah McNulty, ITV Presenter 


A veteran of over 100+ radio, TV and live audience appearances, Charles has a clear message to the world learned through many tough experiences – we always have a choice and we can make it right now.

Whether speaking about mental illness, personal loss or forgiveness, Charles’ stories and wisdom are unique. His natural and free-flowing speaking allows his audience to relate and connect with him and inspire them with his charismatic, passionate energy.

Charles' speaking topics include:

  • Your Personal Calling 

  • Mental Health

  • Personal Loss

  • Homelessness

  • motivation

  • Well-being and Awareness

  • Happiness


If you'd like to book Charles for your school or event or have a question to ask, please contact him with the details below. Charles works with young people and schools across the country so he will endeavour to return any call missed and reply to all emails ASAP.


Falmouth, Cornwall